Software has been divided into components as well as

Software Architecture is any system where software
contributes essential influences to the design, construction, deployment and
evolution of the system in a whole. In Simple, the creation of the structures
and documentation to these structures. In IT Industry, the software
architecture is named as “Solution Architecture” which means the architecture
which simplifies and produces a solution.

of whether building a software system, a network or a data base, a successful
solution requires to understand the problem and create a vision that can be
communicated to everybody involved with the construction of the end – product.

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There are couple of types of architecture in the IT domain that are relatively

Architecture: Application architecture is all about looking inside the
application to understand how it is built and designed.  This also includes how the application has
been divided into components as well as understanding the patterns, frame works
and libraries in use. It is predominantly about the software and organization
of the code.

Architecture: A software system might have multiple applications comprising of
a client side mobile app communicating via

to a Java Web application running on the server , which itself consumes data
from a MYSQL data base. Since each of these applications: the mobile app, the
web app and the data base is built using a different technology, where they
have their own internal application architecture.


Application architecture primarily focus on software, system architecture is
about understand both software and hardware. The reason that most definitions
of a system architecture include references to software and hardware is that
you can’t have a successful software system without hardware, even if that
hardware is virtualized

out there on the cloud.


In Saying, “All Architecture is a design but not all
design is architecture”. Architecture represents the significant design
decisions that shape a system, where significance is measured by cost of

   With the drastic movements such as agile,
Lean, software craftsmanship, continuous delivery, the cloud and more. Together
these new approaches help IT Industry to build better software that meets the
needs of the business, carefully managing time and budgetary constraints.

Benefits of

clear map and roadmap for the team to follow, regardless of whether that vision
is owned by a single person or by whole team .

leadership and better coordination.

frame work for identifying and mitigating risk.

set of firm foundations for the product being built.