It an apprentice in the inception of this period

It is a common
observation that a child’s first role model is their father and I was no
exception to this. Though it was difficult to follow in the footsteps of my
father, an extraordinary mathematics teacher, one of the few valuable lessons I
learned from him that has guided me all my life is that knowledge surpasses
grades. Inherited with analytical thinking and methodical approach, even at an
early age, I had a clinical way of doing things. Inquisitive to the core, I
grew up in an era which has been transmuted by floods of changes in technology.
 I consider myself to be just an
apprentice in the inception of this period of technological advancement with
the intention of becoming a skillful innovator and to boost my existing flair
and talent.

I had a knack for science
since my early childhood. Steadily, this aptitude started to take shape and I
opted for mathematics, chemistry and physics along with economics as my majors
in high school. I decided to further reinforce my interest by enrolling in the Bachelor
of Technology program (Information Technology) in “Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute
of Technology” and graduated with an impressive percentage of 75.

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During the four years of
my undergraduate course, I have enjoyed working extensively in the labs, dedicating
myself to learning the Principles of Operating Systems, Object Oriented
Programming concepts, Database Management Systems, Software Engineering
practices, Software Testing and the concepts of Analysis and Design of Algorithms.
But the subjects which fascinated me the most were Big Data Analytics and Network

Following my interest in
Big Data Analytics I underwent an industrial internship at Defence Research and Development Organization – an agency of the Republic of India charged with the military’s
research and development. During my time at DRDO, I meticulously studied density
based clustering algorithms and delivered a presentation on “Comparative Study
of Density Based Clustering Algorithms”. Working on this project in a top
government organization under the guidance of notable scientists made me
realize the importance of study and application of Data Mining to derive a
logical solution for real time problems. On top of that it gave me an outlook
of handling complex problems effectively.

Other than that, I have also
worked as a summer intern at Bharti
Airtel Ltd, which is one of the leading companies of telecommunication and
internet service provider in Asia Pacific and some parts of Africa. As an
intern, I learned about Routing and Switching and various types of area
networks with virtual stimulation of delivery of packets from source to
destination. I also submitted a project on “Campus Area Network”, which was
designed on the Cisco Packet Tracer 6.0 and Graphical Network Simulator 3
(GNS3). My stint at Bharti Airtel Ltd helped me to gain an insight into the
working of an MNC. It also helped me in understanding the expectations that the
executive seniors have from their employees in a corporate organization and the
importance of equal participation and coordination of all the team members.

Besides following my
passion in academics, I have been actively involved in extra-curricular
activities since my early school years. From winning the first prize in book
balancing race in nursery to standing on a rostrum and bagging the 3rd
position in Inter-Zonal Declamation Competition organized by the Activities
Board of Delhi in my senior year of high school, I have avidly participated in
various activities in addition to playing Cricket and Badminton at Inter School

Despite of the stringent
and rigid curriculum of engineering, my enthusiasm for participation in
co-curricular activities never diminished. Having
been a core member of my undergrad school’s Dramatic Society, I can without a
doubt say that the stage has always set my heart racing. Theatre has given me
the space to perform with one side of the box open (fourth wall missing), helping
me to develop an out-of-the-box thinking. It also made me understand that a
strengthened sense of solicitude is necessary for teamwork along with confidence,
self-reliance and composure. Theatre has and will always be an indivisible part
of me.

I am very enthusiastic about working and learning at your University
under the mentorship of some of the most distinguished faculty members of this
field. I would specially like to interact with Indranil Barchan, a senior professor in the department of Information
Systems, and work under his guidance.  His paper
inspired me a lot. I
am confident that my academic background and my intellectual ability coupled
with a high level of commitment and determination will enable me to complete
this course and improve my skills and education. I have extensively researched
about the specifications of this program. The
conceptualization of the practical application of this course is what
fascinated me the most. Utilizing quantitative methods and evidence-based data
for business modeling and decision making is clearly the need of the hour. The
curriculum has been designed in such a way that it focuses on instigating both
management skills as well as technical skills in the graduating student which
lays the foundation for the student to become an all-purpose professional in
the real world. I believe that this course is tailor-made to fit my competencies
and will provide me with the expertise that I can use to add new dimensions to
this industry.

 My desire to pursue Masters in Business
Analytics from University of Texas situated in US arises from the fact that it
offers a challenging, highly professional environment where analytical thinking
as well as ethical practices are valued. In addition to this, international
exposure will provide me with the opportunity to grow individually and socially
and boost
my knowledge and skills that will help me launch my career in India as an entrepreneur after the completion
of this Master’s program.

Pursuing Business
Analytics from the top most university has been my vision since I first got
acquainted with the course a few years ago and it has now transcended into
becoming my aim after the completion of my undergraduate studies

After the completion of this
program, I plan to return to India and work for one of the leading
multinational firms like Fractal Analytics, Absolutdata, etc. as a Business
Analyst, Business System Analyst, Computer System Analyst, Informatics
Consultant or an Information Systems Business Analyst capable of dealing with a
wide range of document analysis, requirements workshops, flowcharts, surveys,
site visits, business process descriptions, interviews and workflow analysis to
induce and manage requirements. I feel that the knowledge and experience that I will gain in this
program will be essential in helping the company to expand and grow well into
the future. I am confident that the skills I have acquired through years of
education have prepared me well for my postgraduate study in USA and I am eager
to apply myself and develop my skills further.

Finally, I take this
opportunity to thank you for giving me the chance to express myself. The
Master’s Program in ________ at your esteemed University will help me to
achieve my career goals and I greatly appreciate your consideration for my


Warm Regards

Vaibhav Sharma