INTRODUCTION India after Indian railways he wasranked among the

INTRODUCTION PART Sahara was thecompany the of top Indian business manwhich was started by subrata Roy he wasthe chairman and founder of thecompany. In 1978 the was originatedwhich later became 2nd largest employerin India after Indian railways he wasranked among the 10 most powerfulpeople of India in 2012. He was born inBihar in India 1948 and studied in holychild school in Kolkata and later studiedmechanical engineering fromgovernment technical institute,Gorakhpur he started his first business inGorakhpurABOUT THE COMPANYA finance company named Sahara wasgoing through his bad phase then subrataRoy joined this company, in 1978 that runchit fund and took it over with makingamendments in his finical model. Which issaid that it a copied or similar types ofmodel which was also used by pearlessgroup which they have used it early. TheSahara company started scheme inwhich they will accept the deposits ofvery low amounts which was termed asresiduary non-banking companies. Thenhe moved to expand his business toLucknow which also became the base ofhis empire with getting a lot of successfrom his company his next project was hisSahara city which was of 170 acres thatwas launched in 1990s and it was the timewhen he and his company became thelargest conglomerates firms of India hisnew set of mind at that time madecompany to have interest in real estatemedia entertainment tourism heath careand hospitality they have started theyown newspaper named as Sahara timesin 1992. In late 1990s his another projectwhich was in pune named as Aambyvalley city was initiated. Later they alsolaunched a Sahara ONE this name wasreplacement of Sahara tv it was launchedin 2000 the Sahara company boughtmany foreign properties in London theyGrosvenor house hotel and then in newYork they plaza hotel in 2013 they havesetted a world record about 121,653 of itsemployees have gathered in Lucknow tosing the India’s national anthem Alongwith all these thing they have contributedmany times to society welfare whichinclude in 2013 when flood hit Uttrakhandregion they Sahara helped they byproviding one lakh drinking water bottlejuice bottle and food packet along withcandle and match boxes they alsoprovided 25 medical health unit vanequipped with doctors and freemedicines made available and it was saidby the group that they will contribute tothe rehabilitation programme byconstructing 10,000 pre-fabricated housesAfter doing all this mankind it was the timefor this man to be awarded he receivedthe business icon of the tear award at thepower brands hall of fame awards inLondon in 2011 then another award whichreceived was global leadership award in2004 again best industrialist award in2002and national citizen award in 2001 andmany more also awarded apart from hisbusiness Roy was fond of writing and hehas 2 written booksOne was shanti, shukh santushti 1994,essay on peace of mind and happy livinghis quote which may inspire many peopletoward their business was cooperatephilosophy of collective materialism thatindicate that collective growth throughcollective sharing and caring andcreating such a good impact from hisbusiness he lost everything when saharaIndia pariwar was claimed as fraudinvestor the supreme court of India hasorder to arrest subrata roy this hashappened on 26 February 2014 and thereason was shocking he didn’t refunded240 billion USD of the investor a warrantwas issued in a despite with marketregulator from the court and actually hegot arrested on 28 February 2014 by UttarPradesh police after the arrest his lawyerstated his 92 year mother was ill neededher eldest son by her side and hence hefailed to appear to the court in ongoinglegal battle when he wanted bail from jailthe supreme court of India demandedand said him sell his property and depositat least 100 billion and he was not abledeposit that much and he is still in jail from2014 of august he is trying to sell some ofhis property to raise money this wholescam investigation was done by twopeople one was director sebi another wasKM Abraham they have put a lot of hardwork in this case to investigate the wholeOFCD means optionally fully convertibledebentures these are issued by thecompany for potential investor in order toraise money the person who are havingright of OFCD can become theshareholder of the company which is truein the case of Sahara and Sahara case isall about OFCD and its investor in early2008 Sahara India was debarred for hisfinancial corporation fromfresh deposits the growth of the Saharaempire was always the mystery manybelieved that it ran Ponzi scheme bycollecting funds from the investor forkeeping the business in good flow they tohave fresh money to rotate so Saharadecided to have OFCDs for the twocompanies which was one Saharahousing cooperation and Sahara realestate it was the registrar of the companywhich needed to clear these investmentvehicle the role of registrar of companieswas to clear the proposal both of thesecompany was neglible net worth if anywant to take seek money from more than50person they need to take approvefrom of sebi in doing which means thatcompany needs to share and has discloseall his profit to sebi in doing that around 30million of investor has money in Saharagroup apart from the huge amount of theinvestor keeping issue open ended notwithin that in fact Sahara kept an issue of170 billion USD open for ten year Saharamain objective was to make money theydecided to tap the stock market andraise their stock ( Sahara prime city) but todo all these thing the company need tofollow certain norms that company has tofile a red herring prospectus and discloseworking an financial of the other groupcompanies this when KM Abrahamspotted SIREC and SHIC and founded thatmoney raised by through OFCDs wascamouflaged as private placement KMAbraham said that it was found thatcompany didn’t have proper record ofidentity of its investor so the question wasraised that how they are going to returnthe money ?What is SEBIFull form is securities and exchange boardof India to act it has right to protectinvestor interest and promote thedevelopment of the securities market itplays important role to cater to the needsof the market but don’t have permissionfor regulating stock market they can onlyprevent inside trading only one problem inSEBI act was it did not provide they werenot provided sufficient power they cancreate new rule and regulation but thatdoes not mean they have right to dowithout the approval of the governmentSEBI cannot take action directly theyhave consent with the government ofIndia and that was the major reason whySahara – SEBI conflict started for a longtime were SEBITRIPPLE BOTTOMLINEECONOMIC – subrata Roy wasarrested from running a Ponzi schemewhere they were not having proper detailof their investor and moreover around 30million of people was invested theirmoney into it according to law it is notallowed to above 50 person so thesetypes of Ponzi scheme are takingadvantage just because they offer forgood interest value people do not go tothe informal bank just because they givelow income so basically Indians dependson informal bank. In this scheme wasrunned by Saradha group in which theyhave collected money from the investorwho have invested their money and giventhem offer for that they easily convertthey bond into liquid cash and also thehave given high profit rates to debentureslocal agent were hired for investor forwhich they were paid huge cash but thisscheme was collapsed and got into theloss of 5 billion US this company was alsonot linked with indian companies SEBIdetected this on 2009SOCIETYthe Sahara India company has a greatcontribution towards the society it has gotmany welfare programs and project forthe society for the benefits of the societythat is from alleviating peoples sufferingand problems to bringing the with newhopes and conditions the company’sprimary focuses on the women and to thedisable who are socially andeconomically deprived irrespective oftheir age cast class gender or racefollowing are some of the developmentalprograms undertaken by the companytowards the society pulse polioprogramme since 1997 the foundationparticipated bin pulse polio immunisationwith national programme of polioimmunization and till now more than 2lakh children have been benefited from itfinancial assistance to the families ofkargils martyrs the Sahara India families ofkargils martyrs the Sahara India familyadopted the families of kargils martyrsand has provided them emotional andfinancial supports by allocating thefamilies with USD 10.65 millionfinancial assistance to the families ofMumbai attack martyrs programmes forthe handicapped blood donation andhepatitis camp and awareness workshopsrehabilitation of challenged people civildevelopment programmes these aresome of the sociological contributionmade by thePULSE POLIO PROGRAMMESince 1997 the foundation participated inthe pulse polio foundation immusationprogramme with the national programmeof polio immuzation .and till now morethan than 2 lakh children have beenbenefited fromFINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO THE FAMILIESOF KARGILS MARTYRSThe sahara india has adopted the familiesof kargils martyrs and has provided thememotional and financial with USD10 millionPROGRAMMES FOR THE HANDICAPPEDThe sahara india family has managed toeastablish a centre for the handicappedits aim is to identitfy the main problembeing faced by the physicallyhandicapped people and then theyprovide an early indentification guidelinesproviding management and guidance forthe gurdians of the diasable the facilitieswhich are provided to these people arephysically and audio metric test speechtherapy IQ test repairing of co applianceand an experienced specalisty are alsoprovided to these people in their relevantfieldBLOOD DONNATION AND HEPATATIS BIMMUNIZATION CAMPS AND AWARENESSWORKSHOPSMost often the kartavyagi worker of thesahara india family volunteer to donateblood for the welfare of the downtrodeensectors which encourage the commonmembers of the society to do good forthe one in needREHABILATION OF THE CHALLENGEDPEOPLEThe company managed to develop adedicated sahara sankalp centre for thephysically challenged people the projectto facilitate the psychically challengedpeople with aids and the appliancesbelonging from the local district of UP likeLucknow Gorakhpur Kanpur etc. not onlyaids but well qualified doctors were alsomade available for such people gotbenefitted by this project to a largeextentCIVIL DEVLOPMENT PROGRAMMESThe projects mainly focuses on theactivities like construction of publicutilizes and hand pumps sankalpvatika developed and maintainedin Lucknow jindpeer crossing inhardoi and similar project are beingundertaken in the different parts ofthe countryCSR CORPORATE SCOCIETYRESARCHThe startagies of csr has manystrategies it include reactivestragety image building excersieimprovement in operationeffecieny sources of competiveadvantage any many moreexplaining them all in sequenceREACTIVE ENERGYCsr has avey gernal reactive stragyfor those who drooping fortunes justby gaing the confidence in whichthe communities they get tooperate of it are case of shell ofNigeria and Nike and theseinstances companies adoptproactive approach by examinethe cost of not absolving the socialresponsibility and result theuncovered minimum to attract athen minimize from their spendingon the accountImage building – exercise basicallyit is the effort that companies makefrom the effect of not uncoveringthe social responsibility that can becalled as demanfe control effortsas the concern of their image inspite of CSR has been portrayed tocompanies as a buildingcorporates image for the attentionof their public these companiesannounces various plans that arephilanthropicNo such thing is wrong in these kindattempts excepts that the initiativesare not been concentrated in theperplexity of important business