At much more. In past some experts explained it

At the present development stage of the society, when the processes occurring in the world are complex and contradictory, the organizations cannot take a part effectively in the market without implementing the principles of marketing. Marketing is both, a business philosophy and an active process. In the classical sense, marketing is an entrepreneurial activity related to the promotion of goods and services from producer to consumer. As an economic concept and a special type of activity, marketing emerged at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. There was a need for new and more effective methods of market activity when the “buyer’s market” began to replace the “seller’s market”. Many believe that marketing is just advertising and sales. Marketing is a very complex and multifaceted phenomenon. Although marketing is being used almost in all work spheres, there is no unanimous definition for it.  There are thousands of definitions have already been put forward for marketing, each of them deals with one or several aspects of it. Experts elucidate its essence, content and functions in different ways. Marketing can be defined as a scientific and applied discipline, as a kind of professional activity, a management system, as a way of thinking, a style of behavior, a set of specific functions, and much more. In past some experts explained it like movement of goods and services from producers to consumers. This definition of marketing given by American Marketing Association in 1960s. But today this kind of explanation does not define all essence of marketing, unlike equates it with trade.

Marketing is dynamic, it is depending on the scope of its application, the time of action, the parameters of the surrounding market environment and of course the interests of the target consumer groups. Marketing can be a set of recipes, it is productive only if it is complex and moreover systemic.

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The modern consumer aims not only at the availability and quality of the product, but also at his or her own satisfaction with the process of selecting, purchasing and using the product. In market, only those companies achieve high sales performance and durable position, which are producing products to satisfy consumer needs, wants and demands. To achieve this success companies are using marketing concept. The goal of modern marketing is not to sell a product or service in any way, but to meet the needs of customers.

Goal of the marketing is to attract new customers, by promising them the highest consumer value and retain current customers by meeting their constantly changing needs. The main task of marketing is to understand the demand and needs of each market and choose the ones that their organization can operate better than others. This will allow the company to produce goods and services with higher quality, increase sales and revenues by meeting the needs of target customers.

Marketing process begins long before the company launch a ready product or service. Marketing process begins with the fact that managers identify the needs of people, calculate their intensity and volume, determine the company’s ability to meet them. Marketers continue to work on products throughout their life cycle. They try to find new consumers and retain existing ones by using sales and feedback reports for this purpose. If the marketing specialist understood the customer’s needs correctly, created a product that met the requirements of the buyers, set a reasonable price, distributed the goods correctly and conducted an advertising campaign, then selling that product would be very easy. As we mentioned previously, if marketers want to be successful, then they should design a systematic process.


All companies want to succeed. There are many factors matter for the prosperity of the company: a correctly chosen strategy, faithful employees, well-established information system, accurate execution of the marketing program. However, today’s successful companies at all levels has one thing in common: they are as customer-focused as possible, and they build all work on the basis of marketing. All these companies have devoted themselves to one goal: understanding and satisfying the needs of the consumer in clearly defined target markets. They encourage every employee of their company to create highest consumer value. They know that only this approach will allow them to get the desired market share and profit.