1. of these periods, elections to the Kerala Assembly

of Synchronized National, State and Local elections in India in respect of ‘One
Nation, One election’:

of various events taken place in the past with reasons1: In
1951-52, first General Elections took place. There were simultaneous elections of
two tiers: House of Lords (i.e. Lok Sabha) & all State Legislative assembly.
The same continued in three subsequent elections also- in 1957, 1962 and 1967. Just
once in 1959 out of  these periods,
elections to the Kerala Assembly were held separately i.e. later by 6 months, the
reason being that the Communist Govt. there was shamefully dismissed by Nehru2.

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Then, State Assembly got dissolved prematurely in
1968 and 1969, disturbing the cycle. Similarly, in 1970, Lok Sabha got dissolved
prematurely. This occurred as Indira Gandhi spit the Congress in 1969 in an
intend to abolish privy purses through Constitutional amendments. Ultimately,
the cycle got disturbed through this premature dissolution and extension in the
terms of both tiers.

In 1999, Law Commission presented views in favor of
holding simultaneous elections of two tiers. In Aug, 2012, LK Advani also wanted
to implement simultaneous 2-tier elections, along with the claim that such is
done in discussion with PM Manmohan Singh & President Pranab Mukherjee.
Then, in 2015, Standing Committee report seems to favor simultaneous elections
so as to save cost and to end policy paralysis which occurs due to imposition
of Model Code of Conduct.

Finally, Modi Govt, has now again reiterated the
idea, but for simultaneous elections among 3-tiers (Lok Sabha, all State Legislatures
and at local level-Municipality for urban area and Panchayats for rural area).
Public views were invited in September, 2017. On 4th October 2017, Election
Commission declares itself to be ready to hold simultaneous elections(2-tier) after
September, 20183.
Niti Aayog also came out with a paper favoring holding Simultaneous elections (in
2- tier).

terms of 2-tier vs. 3-tier elections,

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